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Mother & Daughter Massage Experience

mother and daughter massage

Ben was alone back in London and he was not due to meet Francesca for over a month. He needed company but knew that nothing would be as good as his lover Francesca. One day he met a beautiful girl who was struggling carrying her shopping. Always a gentleman, he offered to help her. She accepted enthusiastically.  She introduced herself as Jane and said she was a model – glamour and fitness.  When they were outside her apartment she thanked him and gave him a business card on which was written


4 Hands Massage.

with Jane and Sheri.

Have the experience of a lifetime

That evening, Ben was at a loose end and feeling lonely. He called the number on the card. Jane picked up, remembered him straight away and after a pleasant few minutes chatting, Ben asked if he could book their 4 hands massage service. Jane offered it in the next hour and he said “yes”.

At the appointed time the apartment bell rang. Ben opened it to find Jane looking ravishing with her gorgeous smile and brunette hair tied in a ponytail. With her was a very attractive woman with long blond hair. She introduced herself as Sheri…Jane’s mother. Ben could see the resemblance in height and facial features. Once inside he took their coats to reveal both in white nurses’ type outfits with very short skirts. They accepted a glass of wine and chatted about their days and they revealed a little about themselves.  Together they were very hot.

After a while, Sheri said enthusiastically “Time for your massage. Just give us 5 minutes to get ready. Where is the bedroom?” Ben showed them and he returned to the lounge to finish his wine.  Soon, he heard Jane’s voice calling him to come. When he entered his bedroom, the lights were dimmed, candles were lit and sensual music played. Both girls were in beautiful white lingerie. Janes’ revealed her beautiful bum and Sheri looked hot in her outfit that covered slightly more of her fit body. “Strip down to your underwear and sit here” she said pointing to a chair. When he had done so, Sheri poured oil on his head and neck and started her heavenly work. Immediately Ben felt the pressures of his life revealed in the knots in his neck and shoulders fall away. The smell of the oil added to his relaxed state. At the same time as Ben looked down at her ample cleavage, Jane knelt before him and massaged oil into first his feet then his legs. All the time, either deliberately or inadvertently, the girls’ breasts and crotches rubbed up against him. He closed his eyes to enjoy the wicked sensuality of the moment. 2 beautiful fun women, 4 hands pampering him.  After a while Jane asked him to lie on a towel on the bed on his stomach. They set to work massaging all of his body…their hands in perfect synchopation… like an sensual octopus sliding over him.

Suddenly he felt Sheri pull his pants down so she could knead his rump. He did not realise how tight those muscles were until she had released them. He thought he felt a finger coming close to his bum hole but maybe it was just his imagination. Anyway he was having trouble preventing a hard-on as Jane’s breasts brushed against his back. “Turn over please” Sheri whispered into his ear. He obliged and by now it was obvious that he had an erection inside his pants. They oiled his chest and legs and as they worked their alchemy on his front, his eyes closed and he feel asleep.

It felt like an eternity but when he woke up the scene had changed. Having removed her panties, Jane was sat on his mouth rotating her wet pussy as she faced the headboard on the bed gripping it tight.  Sheri had her lips wrapped around his still hard cock. He was being raped and he loved it. Skilfully Sheri slid a condom onto Ben and sat on his manhood. Very soon afterwards as Jane reached her climax, Sheri also orgasmed just as Ben came too.